For all my life, all I've wanted to do
Was make my girl want to smile me true
But maybe I was wrong
And sweet candy shouldn't be my girlfriend at all
I'll try to get up on my hooves
And try a different task
I'll find something new to do
There's gotta be more to me than a alicorn pink.
I put away my flowers, I delete all my menssages
now what is next for you?
For you...
Oh recuerdo esta! fue a la primera gala que fui,ahi fue mi primer beso de sweet, pero en el cachete. Y esa ves si se fue en el hocio!.Yo no me esperaba eso. [risa] oh, en la fiesta de noviazgo de rainbow fast y dinky, tuvimos nuestro primer noviazgo nosotros!
Oh, look at these happy face
All the moments that I had thrown
I made her laught, had such a blast
A smile that's all their own
They loved seeing me, the real Game
Show them the time of their life like they've never known
Like they've never known
I've got to get back out there, have to show them that I tried
For there's only one great fest friend -- that is Game
Won't let Button Mash beat me, won't let him get me down
For I am GAME, the bestest boyfriend around

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